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How To Winterize Your Home - Save Energy With These Tips!

During the winter months, many homeowners encounter unexpected disasters or extraordinarily high energy costs that take some of the magic out of this beautiful season. Winter can be an especially delightful season for homeowners as many homes are decorated for the holiday season and provide a warm and comfortable escape from the harsh winter temperatures. However, homes that are not effectively winterized can be susceptible to a lot of problems caused by freezing temperatures. Pipes can burst, irrigation systems can be destroyed, heating bills can climb to unaffordable heights, and homes can be drafty, cold and uncomfortable. Effectively winterizing your home is a great way to avoid these issues.

Protect Pipes From Freezing

One of the most common winterization processes is protecting pipes from the damaging effects of frozen water. Most pipes have a continual stream of water coursing through them, and this constant flow prevents water from backing up and freezing. However, some pipes are exposed to such harsh temperatures that other methods must be employed to prevent water from freezing. Frozen water in pipes is a very bad business. This frozen water can rapidly expand, bursting the pipe and causing expensive water damage to a home. Busted pipes can also prevent a household from accessing its water supply. Homeowners can hire professionals to insulate their pipes with electric heat tape or foam insulation to avoid this issue.

Protect Sprinkler or Irrigation System

The pipes inside a home are not the only ones that are susceptible to damage by harsh winter temperatures. Many households are equipped with built in irrigation systems that are used to water lawns and outdoor plants. During the summer months, these systems are extremely convenient and are used to keep lawns looking their best. However, if the system is not properly maintained during the winter months, the frozen ground can cause the entire system to be ruined. Professionals are well equipped to easily winterize these irrigation systems by flushing them with an antifreeze solution or utilizing effective insulating ground cover. Pools must also be winterized by either draining them or using a professional, insulating pool cover.

Increase Insulation

In homes that are located in harsh winter climates, effective insulation is extremely important. Some homeowners may choose to have the insulation in their home reapplied or to have gaps in insulation replenished. An insulation gap can cause extraordinary heat loss which will raise energy costs. Many professionals hire insulating services that will not require them to tear out walls or ceilings. Specially formulated insulation can be injected into the spaces between walls and above ceilings. This insulation begins as a quickly traveling liquid but expands into a dense, protective foam that will keep the cold out and the heat in.

Save Energy Loss in Windows and Doors

The biggest source of heat loss and cold intrusion during the winter months is through doors and windows that have not been properly winterized. A home with several windows is especially susceptible to poor heating efficiency. If your windows are old, cracked, or ineffectively sealed, you may need to invest in brand new windows to prepare for the cold temperatures of winter. However, professionals can easily attend to your windows and prepare your home for winter by applying new caulking, fixing cracks, and even installing winterizing shields across the entire surface of the window that can be removed after winter has ended. Doors, also, should be prepared for winter. Many doorways have gaps between the frame and the door which let in blasts of cold wind and allow heat to escape. Foam padding or a new, professional installed door frame will prevent this heat loss.

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