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Lawn Aeration Services - Spring or Fall?

A healthy, lush and green lawn is a highly coveted accompaniment to any home. When your lawn looks healthy and fresh, your home will have instant curb appeal and will look beautiful in all seasons. Maintaining a lawn requires a lot of work, and many new homeowners fail to perform several basic steps that are necessary for proper lawn maintenance. Using different fertilizers for different seasons is one important part of properly maintaining a lawn. Knowing exactly how often and for how long to water your lawn is also important for healthy growth and deep green coloration. One other important step in lawn maintenance is lawn aeration. Many homeowners forget to aerate their lawn, and these homeowners may wonder why their lawns are consistently unhealthy or sparse looking.

What is Lawn Aeration?

Aeration is the process of stirring up the soil in your lawn that has been compacted through rain, erosion and high traffic. When the ground of your lawn is hard packed, it is difficult for water to be effectively absorbed by the root system of your grass. Water tends to run off your lawn rather than seeping down to be absorbed by your lawn. Water also delivers important nutrients to the roots of your grass, and a lawn that is not aerated may not receive these nutrients. Aeration is a simple but important process that also allows oxygen to reach the roots of your plants. A well oxygenated lawn will be less likely to develop harmful conditions such as rot or fungal growth.

Different Ways to Aerate a Lawn

There are many different ways to aerate a lawn, but some ways are more efficient than others. Some homeowners take an easy approach and wear special spiked shoes while mowing the lawn and working in the garden. These spiked shoes make tiny holes in the surface of the lawn which allow water to be absorbed more easily. However, spiked shoes often do not provide enough aeration for the lawn. In many instances, a more powerful piece of equipment is required. There are two basic types of aeration machines: machines that are pushed and machines that are dragged behind a tractor. The latter is typically used on expansive areas that are more than a few acres in area. For many homeowners, are pushing lawn aeration machines is probably efficient. However, if you do not aerate your lawn at the proper time or in the correct manner, the whole process may be worthless. Hiring a professional is a great way to avoid the mistake of improper aeration.

How Often Should You Aerate Your Lawn?

Many homeowners wonder when they should aerate their lawn. There are a few different schools of thought regarding lawn aeration. Some believe that aeration should be performed no more than once every two to three years. Others believe that lawns should be aerated once every year. Some of these individuals believe that fall is the best time to aerate a lawn. Aerating a lawn in the fall prepares the grass for the wet weather associated with winter. You can also aerate your lawn in the fall immediately before you apply winterizing fertilizer. Others believe that the spring is the perfect time to aerate a lawn to prepare for new growth and a deeper root system.

Hiring A Professional to Aerate Your Lawn

The truth is, both of these times are good options for lawn aeration. It is important to hire a professional landscaper to avoid aerating when soil is too wet or too hard. A professional will be able to feel your lawn and know exactly when aeration should take place.

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