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How To Remove Snow From Your Roof

If you live in a snowy climate, you know that snow can quickly become piled up by wind. Snowdrifts are areas where wind has picked up snow that has already fallen on the ground and piled it into huge towers of stacked snow. Snowdrifts in cold climates with a lot of snow on the ground can be higher than a person. Some consumers have to deal with snowdrifts that accumulate on the roofs of their house, and other consumers experience so much snowfall in a winter season that snow can be several feet thick on the roofs of their house. If the weather in your area stays below freezing for several weeks straight, this snow will not melt and can cause serious damage to your roof. Because snow sticks to itself and stacks up, it can become too heavy for a roof to support. Homeowners that don't address accumulating snow may experience a collapsed or damaged roof. Repairing a roof can cost thousands of dollars, but hiring a professional to remove snow from your roof will probably only cost a few hundred dollars.

Using A Snow Rake To Remove Excess Snow From Your Roof

When you have excess snow on the roof of your house or business, you will have to use a snow rake to get snow off your roof. A snow rake is a rake with a long pole attachment that enables you to scrape snow off the roof while standing firmly on the ground. It is extremely unwise to try to remove snow from your roof while you are standing on the roof. When you dislodge snow that is below you on the roof, it can cause the snow you are standing on to loosen and slide off the roof, taking you with it. Hundreds of people are seriously injured each year because they try to remove snow from their roofs themselves rather than hiring a professional. Even if you are standing on the ground and using a snow rake, heavy drifts of snow falling on top of you and knock you over and cause serious injury. Hiring a professional will help you to avoid any personal risk.

Remove Snow In Stages

Instead of waiting all season before you remove snow from your roof, you may want to scrape off snow in stages. This will prevent damage from your roof and may help you to avoid the cost of hiring a professional. However, many homeowners who live in snowy climates have to deal with several feet of snowfall at once. In these instances, hiring a professional may be your only option.

Leaving Snow on the Roof

A professional knows how important it is to leave a small layer of snow on the roof when raking snowdrifts away. A snow rake can actually seriously damage the shingles on your roof if it isn't used correctly. Even if you purchase a high quality snow rake to take care of the job yourself, you can cause damage to your roof if you do not rake snow properly. If you hire a professional, he or she will have the expertise required to effectively remove snow from your roof without causing severe damage to your shingles or flashing.

Rake Snow Away From Driveways or Sidewalks

If you are going to tackle a snow removal project by yourself, it is important to rake snow away from driveways and sidewalks. Once the snow is on the ground, it is much more difficult to remove, and if you rake all of the snow on your roof onto your driveway, you will have created another snow removal task for yourself.

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