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How To Fix Burst Water Pipes

During the winter, water can freeze and cause serious problems for homeowners. Many consumers like the cold temperatures that are associated with the winter months because they can light a fire in their fireplace and snuggle up with a good book and a blanket. Consumers also love when freezing temperatures turn water into beautiful snowflakes. A blanket of snow on the ground is a beautiful sight, but a puddle of water in your basement is much less beautiful. These two things are closely associated with one another because they are both caused by freezing water.

When water freezes, it expands rapidly. This is why you can never put a can of soda in the freezer. The expanding water is too big to fit in the can, and the can will explode. This can also happen with your water pipes if they are not carefully insulated. As the water in your pipes freezes, it puts pressure on the metal of your pipes. When the pressure is too great for your pipes to bear, they will burst. A burst water pipe can cause water leakage and severe damage to your home. It can also prevent you from having water access in your home. If you have water pipes that break because of freezing water, it is important to get them effectively and correctly repaired as soon as possible.

Shut Off The Water Supply

The first thing to do when a pipe bursts is to identify where the leak is coming from and shut off the corresponding water control valve. You can identify which pipe is leaking by following the leaky pipe until you find a piece of the pipe that is bubbled out or that has a fissure in it. Sometimes, water may be spraying out of the fissure which makes the leak even easier to identify. You should then turn off the control valve that delivers water to that particular pipe. If a main pipe is broken, you may have to shut off the water supply to the entire house. This will effectively eliminate all water usage in your home and require you to hire the services of an emergency plumbing company.

Temporary Burst Pipe Fix

If the pipe that has burst is a smaller pipe that goes to only one sink, toilet, or bathroom fixture, you may be able to temporarily fix the problem by purchasing a pipe patch or a pipe clamp. A pipe clamp generally consists of a rubber sleeve that is secured around the break in the pipe and then adhered with a waterproof solution or clamped with a tightening mechanism. At the very least, this will prevent water from leaking out of the pipe and damaging your home until a plumber can come to fix the problem. A pipe patch may be a longer term fix for your broken pipe, but it still wise to hire the services of a professional plumber before the next winter season. Pipes that are patched are much more likely to burst in the winter months.

Hire A Plumber To Repair Your Pipes

Once the leak has been temporarily stopped, you can hire a plumber to come out and fix the portion of your pipe that has burst. A professional plumber will also be able to identify what caused the pipe to break. Your plumber can help you by installing plumbing insulation or electrical plumbing tape that will keep your pipes from freezing. You may be able to install these frozen pipe prevention measures yourself, but having a plumber complete the installation for you will ensure that it is done correctly.

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