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How Much Does it Cost to Have Christmas Lights Hung?

A few short years ago, it was unheard of to hire someone to hang your Christmas lights. Now, outsourcing the task is becoming a major trend, with professional lighting companies popping up all over the place.

Let’s face it - climbing an icy ladder is 20 degree weather is neither fun nor safe. Many people hire a professional lighting company to avoid the risk, or because they don’t like heights. Some people hire a professional because they’re getting up in years and no longer feel comfortable handling the task. Others simply don’t have time to hang lights or would rather relax and leave the job to pros.

About Lighting Services

Professional lighting services are often landscaping companies looking for winter work, although some companies are focused solely on Christmas lights.

A professional service will put up your lights and remove them. Hanging of lights usually starts anytime after Halloween and removal typically begins January 2. Before they come to do the job, most services will schedule a consultation with you to pick a design for the lights.

Most services recommend that you buy commercial-grade LED lights from them, but you’re free to use your own lights if you prefer. The only caveat is that the company may not guarantee the work. In the off-season, professional lighting companies will store your lights in their facilities or warehouses.

Cost of Having Lights Installed

Prices vary widely based on the size of the job and your region of the country. You could spend as little as $100 for a tiny job or several thousand for an elaborate display. The average cost is about $1,000 to $1,400 for the first visit, which includes the purchase of lights, and about half that every year after.

Choosing an Installer

Do a little homework before you hire a professional light hanging service. Make sure the company has liability and worker’s compensation insurance. If they don’t and someone gets hurt on the job, you are liable for any damages. Make sure the company has a valid business license, too. Finally, ask for references and check the company’s record with Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau.

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