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What Is a Pellet Stove?

The cost of heating a home can be exorbitant, and this cost is only expected to rise as energy costs continue to escalate around the world. During the winter months, keeping a large house warm or a large business warm can be extremely expensive. Many consumers are searching for alternative heating methods that they can use to lower their energy bills during winter. If you are struggling to keep your house at a comfortable temperature without completing draining your bank account each winter, you might want to consider having a pellet stove installed in your home or business. While this may seem like a step backward in efficiency and technology, modern day pellet stoves are actually great, efficient, and cost effective ways to keep your home warm. Understanding the pros and cons of a pellet stove before you purchase one will help you know if a pellet stove is right for you.

The Principle Parts of A Pellet Stove

A pellet stove is a stove that uses small pellets of combustible material as a fuel source that will last for a long time with very little maintenance. These stoves can produce usable heat for long periods of time at very consistent levels. Unlike stoves that burn wood, a pellet stove does not require frequent addition of fuel or frequent poking or stirring to keep the heat levels up. Pellet stoves are specifically designed to keep themselves heated. Pellet stoves use a hopper that stores the pellets of combustible material and delivers this material as it is needed to the fire. Pellet stoves also usually have some type of blower that keeps the flame at a usable level and also blows the heat out of the stove so that it can warm a room or a house.

Energy Efficiency with a Pellet Stove

Because a pellet stove uses such cheap combustible materials, it is much more energy efficient and cost efficient than many other heating methods. Instead of spending large sums of money on electricity or natural gas during the winter, you can save money by investing in pellets of fuel for your pellet stove. The pellet stove is also well insulated so heat is not lost during the burning process. This makes a pellet stove very energy efficient.

Safety Features

All pellet stoves must have thickly insulated walls and specially designed chimney apparatuses to promote safety when used in the home or in places of business. The thick insulation and the chimney pipe prevent toxic fumes from being drafted back into the living quarters. Most pellet stoves also use clean burning fuel that will not create creosote. Creosote is a sticky residue that is highly flammable and can cause out of control house fires. Because the fuel used in pellet stoves burns clean, creosote is not produced.

Tax Credits Associated with Pellet Stoves

In some cases, the government will offer tax credits for pellet stoves with a specific energy efficiency. This tax credit will help to make the cost of purchasing and installing a pellet stove more affordable for many homeowners or business owners. Because the government is attempting to promote alternative energy sources, this tax credit is offered as an incentive.

Professional Pellet Stove Installation

It is important to get your pellet stove professionally installed to ensure that you get the maximum energy efficiency from your stove. A pellet stove that is not installed or built correctly will not heat your home effectively and can even cause safety problems such as fires or toxic fumes. By hiring a professional, you can avoid the occurrence of these issues.

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