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Where to Buy a Heat Pump

Often, if you drive around large business complexes or residential facilities, you will see a metal box with a whirring fan that is stationed somewhere next to the building. This machine is called a heat pump and is used in both hot and cold weather to keep the interior temperature of the building at a comfortable level. A heat pump works by transporting air from one source to another. Heat pumps can either bring hot air into an environment or remove hot air from an environment. A heat pump is different from a furnace in that it doesn't use energy to heat up air. Instead, it simply moves warm air from one environment to another. Similarly, a heat pump can be used to cool an environment but it is not the same as an air conditioner. An air conditioner uses a coolant to create cold air and pump it into an environment. A heat pump works by removing warm air from an environment which lowers the temperature.

The Versatility of Heat Pumps

Many consumers prefer heat pumps for their temperature control needs because they are so versatile. A heat pump can be used to cool or heat up a specified environment. The direction of air travel can be reversed in many heat pumps so that hot air can either be drawn out of an environment or pumped into an environment. This is extremely useful because homes do not have to have two separate systems for cooling and heating. There are two different types of heat pumps: air source and ground source heat pumps.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps use the heat that is in the air as an energy source. These heat pumps are relatively effective but may be difficult to operate in environments where the temperature of the air fluctuates a lot. Air source heat pumps also require a lot of energy to operate because the air does not carry a lot of usable energy. Many businesses are choosing to invest instead in ground source heat pumps because they are more reliable and use less energy to operate.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground source heat pumps are becoming increasingly more popular because they use energy that is absorbed from the temperature of water in the ground. Because water maintains its temperature much more effectively than air, a heat pump can operate more efficiently when it uses water as its heat source. Many ground source heat pumps tap into hot water supplies that are naturally produced underground. Whether or not you are able to use a ground source heat pump to heat or cool your residence or business is determined by the water sources beneath the ground outside your establishment. You can hire a professional to help you determine which type of heat pump would work best for your building.

Where to Purchase Heat Pumps

You can purchase heat pumps at almost any local hardware store or appliance store, though it is much easier to secure heat pumps through professional installation companies. These companies can sometimes offer heat pumps at discounted rates because they get deals through heat pump manufacturers. Because professional installation companies specialize in heat pumps, they have a large inventory of different models to choose from.

Professional Heat Pump Installation

It is important to get your heat pump installed by a professional in order to get the maximum efficiency out of your heat pump. A heat pump that is installed incorrectly or a heat pump that is itself not sufficient for your building's heating and cooling needs may cause more problems than it is worth.

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